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The Importance of Dental X-Rays

All new patients must have x-rays taken in order for us to perform a complete examination and make a diagnosis. Decay and other pathologies can occur with no visible indication in the mouth, and waiting until pain develops usually means a small problem has now become severe and much more complicated and expensive to fix. Performing a comprehensive examination without consulting x-rays is considered malpractice, therefore all new patients must have a panoramic x-ray and a minimum of 4 bitewing x- rays. The number of additional x-rays is based on individual needs.

Digital X-Rays and Safety

To minimize radiation exposure, we employ the use of digital xrays in our office and only take xrays when necessary. Digital xrays have been shown to reduce radiation levels drastically when compared to tradition film

Standard guidelines call for a panoramic x-ray once every 5 years and bitewings once per year. If you can bring x-rays from your previous dentist we will be happy to use those, provided they are of diagnostic quality. X-rays may be emailed to us or printed on quality photo paper.